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Welcome to the Trial Talks podcast – a thought-provoking series surrounding clinical trial research. We’ll be exploring current and future trends of the ever-changing clinical trial landscape as we discuss a variety of topics including virtual trials, patient centricity, novel and unique research, pandemic impact, and more. Join us and our expert guests on a journey through the evolution of clinical trials.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. EDC and RTSM: A Winning Combination

    Reducing the number of vendors you interact with allows you to not only achieve higher quality data, you can also spend more time focusing on what matters- the patients. Our fully integrated RTSM and EDC allows you to spend more time focused on your data and less on ...


  2. The Long Road to Achieving Health Equity

    It’s no secret that the United States has documented disparities in morbidity and mortality rates among racial/ethnic minority groups and those of lower socioeconomic status. More recently we’ve seen a disproportionate amount of African Americans affected by COVID-19, but they have been underrepresented in clinical research. In this podcast we ...


  3. Why Patient Advocacy Has Become Critical to Clinical Trials

    Patients are no longer passive research subjects, but rather being integrated into the research process from the start. Patient advocates help with such integrations, from protocol design through to clinical trial findings. It has been proven that designing clinical trials to meet the patient needs facilitates better patient ...


  4. Why Use an EDC for Animal Health Studies?

    ClinData is a leading South African CRO focused on Animal Health studies, they recently eradicated paper from 21 studies with plans to move more to electronic data capture going forward. In this podcast we’ll discuss how ClinData succeeded in making the switch from paper to EDC and the ...


  5. Data Visualization - Making Data Comprehensible for Early Intervention

    Phastar and Medrio have been partnering together on trials for the past 3 years, culminating in a unique way to visualize clinical trial data. Through the use of Medrio’s API, Phastar has built a data visualization tool that reduces risk and allows for complete study oversight. In this ...